About Us

Hi guys! My name is Anna and in 2019, I really got into collecting crystals out of the love for their beauty. Then, quickly, I started to realize that collecting them and learning about them really helped me with my anxiety and depression; they gave me something to be excited about! Since then, I have really wanted to share my love for crystals with others, so, in 2020, I started Rose and Quartz. My hope to all of you is that you will enjoy crystals as much as I do and maybe they can help you feel better as well.

 XOXO, Anna Louise. 

  • I have placed 10 orders, and each one is absolutely perfect each time. Each crystal exceeds my expectations, and it’s like Christmas every time I receive a package. I always know when purchasing from RoseandQuartz, everything will be high quality, super special, and in beautiful condition when it arrives. 10/10!!


  • I've ordered several times from Anna Louise and you can tell she truly cares about her crystal shop. Every crystal is packaged well to make sure nothing breaks during transit, and it always arrives quickly. The crystals are high quality and beautiful!


  • This is by far the best crystal shop I’ve ever found!! The owner is so beyond kind and the quality of all these crystals is UNMATCHED! Never getting my crystals anywhere else after finding this store


Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.