About Us

Hi guys! My name is Anna and in 2019, I really got into collecting crystals out of the love for their beauty. Then, quickly, I started to realize that collecting them and learning about them really helped me with my anxiety and depression; they gave me something to be excited about! Since then, I have really wanted to share my love for crystals with others, so in 2020 I started Rose and Quartz so I could share my love of crystals with the world. The name is a play on Rose Quartz and my cat baby who is named Rose (the real CEO) and can be spotted in my logo! My newest kitten, Leo, is my little right-hand man and is the CFO of the company. My cats mean the world to me so I had to make them a part of everything. Rose and Quartz is not only my job but is truly my passion and I hope that it shows and that everyone here knows this is a safe space. Finally, my hope to all of you is that you will enjoy crystals as much as I do and maybe they can help you feel better as well.

All crystals are ethically sourced, of the highest quality, and for the best prices!

I'm always here for any questions you may have about anything at all!

XOXO, Anna Louise. 

Our Team

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