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Mystery Amethyst Cutbases

Mystery Amethyst Cutbases

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A new addition to our mystery box category are these incredible Brazilian Amethyst cutbases! There will be multiple different price ranges depending on the size of the individual cubase you'd like. We have all different colors, shapes, and sizes available. From Black, to lavender, sugar candy, honey, bright/deep purple, etc. Plus, each is so unique with its matrix on the sides.

As always, you can leave notes in the box at checkout letting me know attributes you may want or not want. Every purchase comes with a gift!

Cutbase sizes when it comes to Medium 1 vs Medium 2 and Large 1 vs Large 2 simply have to do with the size and quality! That’s why Medium 2 and Large 2 are a little more expensive. I wanted to add the best range possible to fit your wants and needs.

Amethyst Properties: Good for sleep, stress, and anxiety.

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Hi lovelies, on crystals there are no returns or exchanges. Once bought, sale is final.

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